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Human Emulating Animal Attributes

Alex Colville (1920-2013, Canadian). (n.d.). Retrieved August 05, 2017, from

When I saw the description for the project I was slightly stumped and unsure of how I was going to portray this, but soon enough what I wanted to do became clear. For this piece, I'm planning on doing a human with feline mannerisms. From the moment I decided that this was my idea, I kept picturing the same pose; a cat prowling on top of a fence.

    Of course, a cat has many signature poses and though I wanted my human to prowl a fence I had to keep my options open, so drawing and sketching out each of my top ones was essential. Nonetheless, I still believe my favorite thumbnail sketch is in fact not one of my deciding figures, the human prowling, but the hissing human that's stiff in stature. I find it quite hilarious to look at and it was fun to draw.

    In this piece, I'm going to use…

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